Why Advertise with Us?

  • Ads only display in the countries that you want, to allow you to focus the type of traffic seeing your ads.
  • With the suggested bid price, you can dominate this site with your ads to ensure maximum exposure for your campaign.
  • By choosing targeted ads to target the site, you can attract more relevant customers and increase your ROI.
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Why displays Clicksor Ads?

  • Receive up to 85% of the Ad income.
  • Get on time payment every 15 days with $50 minimum payout via Paypal, Check or Wired Transfer.
  • Place our ads along with other networks to get 100% fill rate for your site. If the minimum price for your ads is not met, your default ads are put up instead to make sure that you have no unsold traffic.
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Advertiser Opt-Out

Clicksor.com firmly believes that every individual who uses the Internet should be allowed to browse it without the intrusion of any unwanted advertisements. And as a member of the online community, respecting those individual decisions will ultimately improve the experience for all of us. Clicksor therefore provides you with the Advertiser Opt-Out program.

By applying for the program, Clicksor.com will prevent the following ad formats from displaying on your browser:

  • Pop advertisements
  • Interstitial advertisements
  • Layer advertisements (Banner and Full Page)

In order to use the opt-out program, there are several important things you should know:

  • If you use more than one type of browser (such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, etc.) or more than one computer to surf the Internet, you will have to opt out in each browser and on each computer that you use.
  • If you delete this opt-out cookie, you will have to opt out again.
  • You must have cookies enabled on your browser for the opt-out to take effect.
  • Please read the Clicksor Privacy Statement click here.

Pop-under ads are essential to the running of Publisher websites. By opting out, you are agreeing to not support the publishers of websites that you visit and use free of charge.

Advertiser Opt- In

If you have previously opted-out of the Clicksor pop under advertisement, but you want to opt back in to receive relevant, targeted advertising, please click the button below:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.